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individual counseling

Beziehungs- und Sexualberatung

relationship and sexual counseling


family counseling


The counseling service is aimed on the one hand at individuals and on the other hand at people in a relationship - whether family or couple, romantic_sexual relationship network or friends.


Life is sometimes adventurous and beautiful - and sometimes we hardly seem to find our way. I am happy to support you in challenging situations. This can include crises and psychological stress as well as reorientation and coping with everyday life.

In systemic individual counseling, we look at the individual persons and how they are integrated into their environment. A change of perspective, a visualization or a clarifying conversation can help you discover new solutions and options for action. This also applies to couples who want to understand their dynamics and want to see their discrepancies in a new light.


My main focus is on relationship and sexual counseling.

Sexuality is an important aspect of our identity and often has a major impact on our relationships. Pain during sex or listlessness, special preferences or high expectations are common issues that affect well-being.

If we understand sexuality as a process, it allows us to remain curious and ask ourselves who we are and who we desire.

In the consultations a space can arise to get to know one's own sexual identity and thus oneself (and each other) better and to find a way to self-determined sexuality.


Families and family issues are an important part of my work. Starting with an unfulfilled desire to have children, there are many situations in which a need for advice can arise. For example, during fertility treatment, pregnancy or in an adoption process, it can be helpful to seek support not only medically and legally, but also on an emotional and relationship level.

Challenging situations can also arise when living together as a family, in which I can support you. Whether it's a discussion between siblings or working through a family history: counseling can help to gain an overview of the situation or to find new ways to get together.

Single parents, bonus and rainbow families are particularly welcome!

The practice rooms are not barrier-free. For this reason, the consultation can take place in alternative rooms or at your home on request. Online consultations are also possible!

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